UCPH's will:

  • Prioritise products and solutions without health and environmental contaminants in procurement, operations and construction.
  • Reduce the use of environmentally and health hazardous substances in teaching and research.




Enviromentally certified products

Chemicals and problematic substances form part of the production and are found in the products and materials with which we surround ourselves. For many standard product areas, products and solutions have been developed that avoid problematic substances, and today there are a number of environmental labels or certification schemes that must be prioritised - both in procurement and maintenance and construction.

Chemicals in the laboratory

 The laboratories use a wide range of chemicals and substances which are hazardous to the environment and health, but which are crucial to the research work. Work has long been done to substitute hazardous substances and materials for less hazardous substances and materials.

Such substitution options do not necessarily exist in a number of cases, but, where possible, the ongoing work on substitution for alternative, less problematic substances, reduction of waste volumes and assessment of alternatives will be strengthened. This is a task for the core business, preferably in collaboration with the occupational health and safety organisation, so that the initiatives and actions produce  positive effects - on the working environment, but also on the environment.

UCPH will be using hazardous chemicals and substances – also in the long term – and it is important that they are disposed of correctly. UCPH has well-functioning solutions which ensure collection and correct disposal of chemicals, but work must constantly be done to ensure continuous improvement of sustainable and safe disposal.