UCPH's will

  • Examine the areas in which UCPH’s activities have the greatest impact on biodiversity and, on this basis, develop specific goals, targets, initiatives and actions for UCPH as an institution in 2021.


Global and national biodiversity is under threat. UCPH affects biodiversity  through procurement of products or services that are produced in ways that harm biodiversity.



Drawing on UCPH’s wide area of expertise in biodiversity, specific prioritised goals, targets, initiatives and actions will be developed for UCPH.

Goals may comprise strengthened biodiversity and natural surroundings in the urban campus areas, for example inspired by ‘Vild Campus’[1] and ‘Vild med Vilje’. Goals can further focus on biodiversity linked to activities on the campus areas outside Copenhagen. Further there will be developed goals and targets that contribute to strengthening biodiversity in relation to UCPH’s procurement and consumption.

Green Campuses

In Copenhagen, UCPH has a number of green areas that can contribute to urban biodiversity and, not least, open green spaces for staff, students and citizens of Copenhagen.

UCPH’s campuses outside Copenhagen, in particular Tåstrup Campus, Pometet and Skovskolen, comprise large areas with a main focus on maintaining and strengthening biodiversity, for example through the preservation of old fruit varieties.