In order to achieve UCPH's ambitions all staff and students have to contribute.

The realisation of goals and targets require both an institutional setting for sustainable behaviour and that everybody at the university consider sustainability in their daily decision making and conduct of everyday life.

UCPH will create a framework and space that give room for employees and students to engage. Action areas, sub-targets and specifik initiatives are to be developed in collaboration with relevant parts of the organisation and be adjusted as new knowledge is achieved. 

Areas of action
Actions are expected to evolve around the eight areas outlined in the figure

Goals and targets are reached through a transversal programme that is implemented locally.

Initiatives have to  focus on the most important areas. 8 areas are expected to be the primary areas of focus in the period 2021-23. Specific initiatives in the different areas of action are to be developed in collaboration with employees and students at the University of Copenhagen.

Initiatives at UCPH