Collaboration and global knowledge sharing

UCPH's will:

  • Engage nationally and globally in the sustainability work for universities to achieve the best solutions and share own experiences.
  • Continue to be internationally recognised for its sustainability work.


UCPH will seek out and gain experiences nationally and internationally, so UCPH can implement the most efficient and best solutions developed by others. At the same time, UCPH will contribute to ensuring increased focus in the university world on addressing sustainability and the special role held by the universities in this context.

An ongoing dialogue and collaboration with relevant stakeholders internally and externally is a natural part of all action areas.



UCPH already has good opportunities to communicate and share its sustainability initiatives and actions in a number of national and international cooperation forums. Especially the IARU[1] collaboration is a strong platform for communicating internationally and sharing experiences with universities worldwide.

 In Denmark, the focus on sustainability has grown significantly among Danish universities, and the basis for collaboration is extensive. UCPH will work to strengthen this collaboration so Danish universities can support each other and can work together to remain among the leading universities on the green agenda internationally .

[1] International Alliance of Research Universities